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There are a lot of misconceptions concerning domotics. In a nutshell, it is simply a way of setting all the controls in your home so that they are operated automatically, without repeat actions on your part.

Whereas you used to just switch the lights on and off, now with a remote control or touch screen you operate your music system, heating, etc., and you create the ambience.

With a touch of the screen you switch on your home theatre: your curtains close themselves, the sound comes on and the first images of the film glide across the screen.

Touch the alarm button. In the blink of an eye your home and property are under the control of your security system.

You decide which functions are important to you. From one button you can operate several functions simultaneously. You decide the input variables.

This can be a button or equally a motion sensor, light, temperature, infra-red transmitter, etc. The system is not operated by a computer. A computer is only used for programming. The brain of the system is a powerful microprocessor.

Domotics is technology for integrating electronic applications and automation in the home, enabling all the electric appliances to communicate with each other.

Joop Hogen has years of experience in control technologies and professional audio-visual systems. This expertise, in combination with the control systems of Vantage makes it possible to design complex installations which are very simple for the user to operate.

What is simple should be treated simply,
what is difficult should be reduced to the simplest terms.